2,200 - 15,600 sq. ft.

Faubourg Tremblant

 Population 3000000
 Traffic 21900
 Trade Area 100000
 Sq. Ft. 2,200 - 15,600

Jaime Roskies, Principal
Phone: 514 354 5920 #253

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Strategically located on Route 117, this development is part of an Integrated Project that includes Factoreries Tremblant, Starbucks, Shell, and La Belle Province, as well as several condo developments and prominent tourist destinations. With 15,500 square feet of leasable area, we are sure we can accommodate your project.


  • Total Annual Visitors: 3,000,000 +Includes:
    Trade Area:
    100,000+ people
    Tourists and Excursionists:
    2,900,000 people

  • Daily traffic count of over 25,000 vehicles (2016)
  • Multiple entrances will facilitate access to the centre

  • Neighbouring: prominent tourist destinations such as Mont- Tremblant, Mont-Blanc ski resort, and other ski sites, as well as camping sites, golf courses, winter and summer resorts, the International Airport, and conference facilities.
  • 5,000 lodging units (hotels and condos) and 50,000 homes.