Do you run a franchise with specific needs and real estate requirements? Do you own and operate a small retail business and want to expand? Do you want to relocate your business to a more advantageous site? Whatever your situation, we can offer a solution.

We are a full-service operation, managing every aspect of the development process including:

  • Due diligence and land acquisition
  • Land-use planning and zoning
  • Construction, including engineering & design customization
  • Pre-leasing and Leasing
  • Property management

Utilizing demographic and urban planning data, Brookline Developments conducts a market assessment and best-use evaluation. Our properties are selected in strategic locations throughout Quebec in underserved communities with growing populations. We work closely with cities and our retail partners to meet their needs and the needs of local consumers by combining complementary goods and services providers.

We keep our involvement at an in-depth level throughout the development process; from land acquisition to building. This active participation ensures that our projects maintain continuity in quality and we maintain ownership, allowing us to offer a higher quality of service and property management to our tenants.

Exceptional visibility, easy access, adequate parking, well maintained grounds and successful tenants are trademarks of all of our projects.